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When You Think Of Abrasives, Think Of Clarcorp Industrial Sales! We carry abrasive products from quality manufacturers like 3M and Alfa Tools.

  • Abrasive Cartridge Rolls
  • Abrasive Shop Rolls
  • Air File Sanding Sheets
  • Aluminum Oxide Spiral Bands
  • Buffing Compounds
  • Cloth Sisal Buffing Wheel Buffs
  • Cut-Off Wheels
  • Depressed Center Wheels
  • Drywall Abrasive Sanding Sheets
  • Flap Discs
  • Flap Wheels
  • Floor Sanding Rolls
  • Fluted Rubbing Bricks
  • Grinding Wheels
  • Hand Sanding Pads
  • Jewelers Buff
  • Loose Buffs
  • Mounted Point Abrasive Wheels
  • Mounted Stripper Wheels
  • Non-Woven Clean & Finish Rolls
  • Paper Abrasive Discs
  • Plumbers Abrasive Rolls
  • Quick Change Locking Abrasive Discs
  • Resin Fiber Discs
  • Sanding Belts
  • Sanding Stars
  • Sandscreen Abrasive Rolls
  • Sewn Buffs
  • Silicon Carbide Abrasive
  • Screencloth
  • Silicon Carbide Sanding Belts
  • Smooth Sand Sponge
  • Surface Conditioning Belts
  • Surface Conditioning Discs
  • Third Sanding Sheets
  • Wet/Dry Waterproof Abrasive Rolls
  • and More

Customer Driven Optimization

    Since 1979 we at Clarcorp Industrial Sales have prided ourselves on providing the service you expect. Services such as Same Day Delivery and On Time Delivery. Now we invite you to take advantage of our
    Customer Driven Optimization
  • Ideal Tool/Application Matching
  • Reduced Inventory Levels
  • Increased Inventory Turns
  • Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line!

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