Clarcorp Industrial Sales offers custom made Vendor Managed Inventory. Commonly known as VMI’s. Clarcorp tailor makes VMI programs for all of our customer’s fastener and consumable needs. We have the flexibility to offer a VMI to save time and money while you keep complete control over the program.

The Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Features and Benefits of the Clarcorp VMI:

  • Bar coded Inventory which allows data to keep customers with just enough, but not too much inventory.
  • Vendor Consolidation we have the ability to supply any fastener or consumable.
  • Reduction of Purchase Orders
  • Customers’ requirements on bin or container setup, labeling and organizing at one or multiple locations.
  • Vending Solutions for customers MRO/Safety needs.
  • High quality well trained sales personnel to communicate to customers cost savings and improvement of product.